George Hansel has several studio locations. He splits his time between Belmar, Hillsboro, and the Netherlands 

Simply Massage is a quaint studio is located in downtown Belmar in the renovated Rivoli Movie Theatre. We offer luxurious, therapeutic service without the high price tag of the big spas. Our quiet space is the perfect retreat for individual and duet services. Our highly trained, professional staff looks forward to providing you with the very best experience possible.

Simply Massage Studio

902 Main Street Suite 103

Belmar, NJ 07719


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Besides being a body worker myself, I have explored many modalities and have experienced the work of many practitioners.  Without a doubt, and I do not say this lightly, George is one of the most gifted therapists I have come across in my journeys. My husband, who has serious issues with chronic pain, is always astounded at both the release and relief he receives after a session with George.  I am quite a high energy human being and am blessed with calm and balance after my time with George.  He has a zest for life and an amazing sense of humor yet is one of the most tender people I know. But what truly sets George apart from many, is his dedication to humanity.  He is generous with his practice.  His services are free to infants because he realizes the grave importance of CST after the trauma of birth.   I feel privileged to have George in my world!

 S.N. Hillside, NJ

I have been a client of George Hansel for about 17 years.  I have to say his work for me has been one of the most important modalities I ever happened upon.   George possesses a "knowing" of exactly what my body needs at each time I receive a treatment.  The trust and connection he is able to access enables healing and movement on a very deep level.  I truly can say I will be eternally grateful as I know I would not be in the place I am today without him.  I cannot recommend his talent enough.  

M.A. Neptune, NJ

I have been a client of George Hansel for almost 20 years. as for any other modality I would have to say that cranio sacral has been the most beneficial modality I have ever experienced. He always knows and identifies my body's needs. As an ex massage therapist myself; I would have to say that his work has helped me in numerous ways. I have been diagnosed with a particular condition called meningeal sarcoidosis. It is a very rare disorder of the central nervous system. With this bodywork and my fitness regime and the care of my doctors, I have been able to stabilize.

F.K. Lakewood,NJ
I have been in the massage and bodywork industry for 16years. I have been blessed to have experienced many different modalities from many talented therapist over the years. Hands down, George is the absolute best in his field. Not only does George completely remove the pain I experience from TMJ, he is able to quiet my mind. I am a high strung "Type A" personality and my mind rarely settles, it's always moving. When I'm under George's healing hands, the world aroound me slips away and I am at peace. Goerge also works with my children. My older son is like me and has trouble focusing, after his session's with George he's very focused and able to perform to the best of his ability in school. My younger son has mild OCD and his condition is almost non-existent after his sessions. My son is very shy around people, but with George, he runs right to him and snuggles in awaiting his "still point". George is wonderful with children, very warm and nurturing. A truly gifted therapist and "The Best of the Best".
K.S. Bradley Beach, NJ


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